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Our Services

Technical translation

Technical translation is characterized by clear, unambiguous language. Technical documents are often simply structured, but contain highly-specialized terminology, requiring equally specialized expertise from the translator. Éditra specializes in technical translation and we offer this service in a number of language combinations. We’ve also localized software for several applications and programs.

Sworn translation

Certain proceedings require official translations that are signed and sealed by a sworn translator approved by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation. Both companies and individuals have requested our sworn translation services into several languages.

Medical translation

Medical translation is usually required to distribute pharmaceuticals and medical supplies in other countries. This kind of translation requires a command of the specialized terminology used in each field to ensure the translation is true to the original in addition to clear and concise. Éditra works with highly-qualified linguists to translate medical documentation into several languages.


Since not everything is done in writing, Éditra also offers professional interpreting services (simultaneous, consecutive, and liaison). This service can be used during a quality audit carried out by a foreign client, as well as during meetings and conferences even outside of Spain. No matter where you need this service, we can provide it.

Marketing translation

Beyond translating concepts, marketing translation requires understanding the idea and adapting it to the target language. A deep understanding of the target culture is required to ensure the campaign’s success. Éditra has been providing marketing translations for years for local, regional, and international marketing campaigns.

Consulting and more

To round out our translation work, we also offer desktop publishing services. We work with a number of formats to ensure that the translations are true to their original. We’re also committed to responding as quickly as possible to requests and queries, creating a relationship based on trust with our clients and cultivating great relationships with our vendors.

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